images (45)What is Qigong?

Perhaps the worlds’ premier form of movement-based immune system and vitality tonification, Qigong–also spelled “Chi Kung” in the older Wade-Giles transliteration system—comes in many different forms, all of which include movement, visualization and breathing exercises that increase vitality, immune function, and mental calm. Among the Chinese it practiced primarily by the middle-aged and elderly, who use it to extend longevity.

 In  English, Qigong translates as: “the Training or Cultivation of Life-Force Energy.” For thousands of years different forms of Chi Kung have been used by Warriors, Mystics, and Healers in the Far East to profoundly aid them in mastery of their respective arts. Among practitioners of Traditional Oriental Medicine it is said, “If all of our patients practiced an hour of Chi Kung or T’Ai Chi a day, we’d all go out of business.” And it’s true!

Qigong in China is a syncretic fusion of Taoist energy practices and martial Indian Yogas brought to China from India by the Buddhist monk Bodhidharma in A.D.500. Known in China and Japan as “Damo”, the First Zen Patriarch, Bodhidharma was a Hindu convert to Buddhism. Born a high ranking kshatriya, or member of the warrior caste, he was trained as a youth in many secret martial forms of Yoga, that greatly enhance strength, energy, endurance, reflexes and focus. He taught these practices to his students to aid them in their practice of Buddhist meditation by keeping them strong, healthy and energized.

Chi Kung practice is a must for patients keen on increasing their immune function to fight cancer, HIV, and other health challenges caused or exacerbated by deficient life-force energy. And for any individual who wishes to extend their lifespan; and enjoy it in radiant health. Unlike herbal tonics and acupuncture, once you learn a Qigong form it’s yours, and free for the rest of your life.

Qigong Meditation is generally a more advanced practice that typically dispenses with movement exercises, using only visualization and breath.

Nubby teaches three types of Chi Kung: Falun Dafa Qigong; Jin Gui “Golden Shield” Qigong; and an eccentric Qigong Meditation blend.

Falun Dafa Qigong is a gentle form that includes both standing and seated portions. The form should be practiced daily, and can be done in as little as 20 minutes; or as long as 2 hours. There are Falun Gong practitioner communities all over the world who will teach the form for free. Falun Gong is an excellent resource for the elderly and infirm, and for people new to Qigong, as it is easy to learn and provides benefits quickly. To find current listings of practice groups, and to download a free video copy of the form, go to:

Jin Gui “Golden Shield” Qigong is a more intense and specialized Qigong form that requires only minimal practice time (25 minutes 3-5 times per week). Jin Gui develops phenomenal energy and physical power, and is similar to some forms of “Iron Shirt” Qigong, a martial form that enables practitioners to both absorb massive amounts of physical energy without harm. Jin Gui has five separate sub-forms that train different parts of the body: belly, torso, head, arms and legs. The core training is sequential and begins with the belly, continues with the torso, and finishes with the head. The arms and legs are standalone and do not need to be done in any order. Once you have completed a module, you are “sealed”, and will retain that level of intensity for several decades, if not for the rest of your life. Nubby is authorized to train the belly or “Golden Shield” portion of the Jin Gui system. You can find out more at:

Jin Gui was created over five hundred years ago in China by Buddhist Nuns who were high level martial artists, and was until recently was secretly taught only in Buddhist nunneries and later to a very select few laypersons. As such, it is surmised to be a “feminized” version of Shaolin martial Qigong.

Qigong Meditation is used here as catch-all to describe an eclectic arsenal of various mostly Buddhist, Taoist and Yogic meditation techniques learned by Nubby over the last 30 years. These techniques are roughly divided into four main categories: Clearing Techniques are used to clear or release unwanted physical and emotional energies; Creating Techniques are used to generate positive energies, emotions and beliefs; Boundary Techniques are used to protect and maintain a healthy energetic boundary in relation to others; and Perceptual Techniques deepen our ability to see and know what’s going on in the energetic and emotional realm.

Patients are taught whatever techniques will help them most in their current situation.

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