photo of Nubby Shober, L.Ac.

June, 2012 by Reute Butler

Welcome to our site!

Nubby Shober, L.Ac. is a California Licensed Acupuncturist (AC6633) and Intuitive Healer, practicing in San Rafael, California; and by phone nationally and internationally.

Who the heck is Nubby?

Nubby is a practitoner of Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM), an Intuitive Healer, an instructor of Qigong, a public speaker, an educator of Alternative Medicine, and a writer.

What Can He Do For Me?

Nubby provides in-person acupuncture, intuitive healing, and health consultation services at his San Rafael, California office Tuedays, Wedsnesdays, and Saturdays: Ama Wellnes Center, 1938-A Fourth St., San Rafael, CA 94901; Phone: 415-259-1935.

He provides intuitive healing and alternative health consultations by phone: 415-259-1935

He also speaks publically to groups on evidence-based Alternative Medicine topics, like natural life extension strategies.

Feel free to explore this site to see if he can be of use to you.